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The best landscape lighting projects always start with a thorough concept and design.  We strive to understand our clients lifestyle needs and we will craft an outdoor lighting design to fill their needs for functionality and aesthetics after dark.  Outdoor lighting designed the right way can create an atmosphere of tranquility, safety and beauty.


​Concept is taken to completion as we install your new lighting.  Lighthouse of Indianapolis installs their lighting components to exceed national electrical codes and even industry standards which will ensure your system is utilizing only the very best underground connections, fusing and wiring methods. Your landscape lighting will perform flawlessly night after night.  We are not in the business of installing low quality lighting systems.  We use only the best professional grade equipment and cutting edge control technology in all of our installations.  Whether it is a residential project or a large commercial building or property, we have the experience necessary to turn your outdoor lighting project into something that is truly beautiful after dark.


Lighthouse uses only the top of the line equipment for our projects.  How do we know it's the best?  Lighthouse is a national with the strength and resources to manufacture our own proprietary products that meet our very strict criteria and standards.  Our products are solid cast brass brass and copper which will naturally withstand the elements far better than aluminum or low end powder coated fixtures.  All of our LEDs are carefully batched and go through a 4 step binning process for selection to be used in our luminaires.  Color consistency is critical from fixture to fixture.  We use a 2700 kelvin LED color temperature to match the warm, white light we all love so much with halogen and incandescent lights without all the power draw.


Your new lighting system is designed to withstand the widely varied weather conditions it will undoubtedly encounter through its lifetime.  Even though Lighthouse equipment is incredibly durable, it is still going to need some minor servicing from time to time to keep it performing and looking it's best.  Over the course of a season, dirt, debris and even baked on calcium and lime deposits can build up on landscape lighting fixtures and lenses.  These fixtures must be cleaned and treated periodically to remove these build-ups on the glass lenses and fixture bodies. A dirty lense can block up to more than 50% of the light from the lamp beneath it leaving your walls, trees and walkways severely under-lit.  What's more, if neglected for a long period of time; even the best lighting equipment will begin to deteriorate from neglect.  We offer a periodic cleaning and re-lamping service for our client's lighting systems that we highly recomend. 



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