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A fixture in desperate need of cleaning and servicing.  Very little light is going to pass by that dirt .




Everything in life needs a little TLC from time to time.  Regular servicing and cleaning of your Outdoor Lighting system will keep it looking and operating like new

Everything in life is going to require some preventative maintenance from time to time.  Vehicles, homes and even our own bodies require some maintenance from time to time to stay in proper working order.  It is no different with our lighting systems.  We use only the top quality materials and products that are made to withstand the cruel savages of our Indiana weather extremes, but even they require a good cleaning and tune-up every season to keep working and looking like the day we installed them for you.

System Care & Repair

Your new lighting system is designed to withstand the widely varied weather conditions it will undoubtedly encounter through its lifetime.  However, although our equipment is backed with a life-time warranty, it is still going to need some minor servicing from time to time to keep it performing at it's best.  Over the course of a season, dirt, debris and even baked on calcium and lime deposits can build up on fixtures and lenses.  Fixtures need to be cleaned and treated periodically to remove these build-ups and glass lenses need to be scraped to remove the gunk.  A dirty lense can block up to more than 50% of the light from the lamp beneath it leaving your walls, trees and walkways severely under-lit.  What's more, if neglected for a long period of time; even the best lighting equipment will begin to deteriorate from neglect.  We offer a periodic cleaning and re-lamping service for our client's lighting systems.

Have a system not installed by us, but in need of repair- NO PROBLEM!  We are happy to service and repair other systems to get them operating as they should be. Visit our Service and Repair page here to see what is involved.

LED System Upgrades

Do you have an existing lighting system that was originally installed as a halogen or incandescent system?  Good news, we can in most cases upgrade your current system to LED with little to no major modifiations to the system you have now.  Our LED lamp technology is designed to match the form factors of all the popular incandescent and halogen lamp styles so that upgrading is a breaze.  Our lamps match perfectly to the color and warmth you are used to seeing now the halogens, but at a 90% energy savings and you won't be replacing bulbs every year either.  Let us put the free in your hassle free, so you can enjoy a beautiful LED lighting system without all the hassles and worries of an incandescent system.

My lighting isn't working, and another company installed it.  Will you service it?

Absolutely!  We would be happy to come and service your lighting system if it is not operating properly.  Too often, we are called to a home where a landscaper had installed some lights years ago but never offered to come back and maintain them.  Now, the system is a wreck and it is completely inoperable or partially so.  If the equipment was installed correctly and the components are constructed of a durable brass, copper or stainless steel; we can usually repair and get them going again for you with a little troubleshooting.  However, if the system was installed incorrectly with poor quality equipment;  Sadly, there is often times not much we can do but to replace the existing system.  This happens most generally when we come upon systems that have been installed by landscape companies who simply "dabble" in lighting and are not fully versed in the processes and techniques for creating long lasting and truly effective lighting systems.

Does your lighting need servicing?

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