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A paint brush is just a paint brush, but in the right hands, it can create breath-taking works of art.  

Creative and balanced landscape lighting design techniques are what seperate those who merely install landscape lighting from those who paint with light.  At lighthouse of Indianapolis, we carefully craft each and every lighting design to fit the individual nuances of our Indianapolis landscape lighing clients.  Every home is unique and provides individual challenges that require a thoughtful and thorough design.  Anyone can simply plant a light fixture in the ground, but layering and balancing a lighting scene takes skill and years of experience to master the Artistry of Light.

Design/ Consultation:

A design consultation will include:

-A meeting with the property owners and all decision makers to discover what are the desires, expectation and scope of the project.

-Pictorial demonstrations from our portfolio of work and/ or a Live on-site demonstration if needed to further describe the desired effects.

-For most meetings a simple walk through and written proposal can be given while on-site.   In most cases, you will have the actual cost in hand before we leave. (note-Larger properties with a greater scope of work may require a second visit during the day to properly map out the project)

-Hands on interaction with actual products so you will be able to see the quality and feel the weight of the components. 

Design consultations require:

-All decision makers MUST be present 

-Our appointment will require between 1-3 hours of time. If meeting for an evening demonstration in the summer, you must be prepared to have a late evening due to the fact that in July it often doesn't get dark until after 10 pm, and the demonstration must be viewed after it is fully dark.

-If you are outside of the greater Indianapolis area, a $75-$150 trip fee (depending on distance) will be required.  This fee will be 100% credited back to you on the final invoice for your project.

-Read the "What does a professionally installed lighting system cost" page.  Upon reading this you will have realistic expectations about the general costs associated with having a professional lighting system installed at your home.  You can then decide prior to requesting a design/ consultation appointment if our service is right for you.

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