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What does a professional lighting system cost?

Lighthouse of Indianapolis' outdoor and landscape lighting projects will vary in price depending on your individual property details but will generally start around $3000-$4000.  Lighthouse takes a "one-off", custom approach to all of our clients' properties to tailor a deisgn that is uniquely tailored to thier home and lanscape. Many of our clients will have us design and install their project in phases to preserve the integrity of the design but spread out the investment over time.

Average project investment ranges

Front architectural lighting

  • Small homes start at:        $2500

  • Medium homes start at:    $4000

  • Large homes start at:        $6000

  • Estate homes start at:       $8000

Front OR back landscape illumination

  • Small yards start at:        $2500

  • Medium yards start at:    $4500

  • Large yards start at:        $7000

  • Estate yards start at:       $9000

**Note:  Yard lighting will encompass up lighting on primary trees, accent on lower plant material and pathway lighting where appropriate.

All average pricing is for general informational purposes only. The actual cost of your landscape lighting project will be dependent on many factors such as the location and availabilty of 120v power sources, density and complexity of your landscape as well as the size and architecural details of your home.  Pricing is also be based on the difficulty of the installation in regards to the type of soil, accessability and the presence of large established tree roots to navigate around.  Our work is based on an economy of scale, meaning the larger the project, the better the overall value.

Our lighting systems are designed and installed by our own trained and certified lighting designers and low voltage installation technicians.  Lighthouse prides itself on installing outdoor lighting systems that are designed and installed to far exceed national standards and more importantly than what you will receive from local competitors.  They just simply do not have the training and depth of experience our teams posses.

Also, Lighthouse uses only the top of the line equipment for our projects.  How do we know it's the best?  Lighthouse is a national with the strength and resources to manufacture our own proprietary products that meet our very strict criteria and standards.  Our products are solid cast brass brass and copper which will naturally withstand the elements far better than aluminum or low end powder coated fixtures.  All of our LEDs are carefully batched and go through a 4 step binning process for selection to be used in our luminaires.  Color consistency is critical from fixture to fixture.  We use a 2700 kelvin LED color temperature to match the warm, white light we all love so much with halogen and incandescent lights without all the power draw.

Power consumption is minimal in our professionally designed, low voltage lighting systems.  Indianapolis and Hamilton county residents enjoy low energy costs which makes the average monthly cost to operate our LED systems about half the cost of a cup of coffee on average.  We can light the entire front of most homes and landscapes with between 40-100 watts of total power (or about what you are currently burning in one of your single table lamps).

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