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Christmas Lighting

Take the hassle out of holiday decorating this season.  Lighthouse of Indianapolis not only specializes in landscape lighting and outdoor lighting design, but we also are Christmas lighting specialists.  Get all of the holiday effect without the hassle.  Professionally installed holiday decor costs less than you think.

Custom Lighting Design

Take your holiday decorating to a new level and get that professional look you've always wanted.  Lighthouse designers are trained to know exactly how to bring out the very best details in your home and landscaping to wow friends and neighbors throughout the holiday season.
All Lighthouse designed homes are one of a kind and we tailor our designs based on feedback from you (our client) as to the level of decorating you would like to see.  All of our projects are warm and elegant and can be as simple as having just your trees finely branch wrapped or your complete home and landscape decked out to the nines.

Keeping you safe & sound

Believe it or not, hanging christmas lights can be one of the most dangerous jobs out there today.  The icy and slippery ground and roof lines make ladder work and climbing to reach those upper peaks particularly dangerous.  Read this report here from US news and world report.
Lighthouse crews are trained and equipped to handle the most technical of Christmas lighting installations which will keep your family safe and sound this holiday season. Bask in the warm glow of the season without all the hassle.

Commercial & Municipal

Lighthouse also specializes in commercial and municipal holiday lighting.  Whether it is dressing up the entrance to your community or a professional business office, we have you covered.  We can create customized lighting scenes with RGB lighting controls and even install custom Christmas trees in common areas up to 60' tall to make a grand statement.
Whether your project is big or small, we will make the impact you desire for the holiday season.

Product Management

Dealing with Christmas lighting cords and strings can be a very frustrating and time consuming chore every year. Your Indianapolis Lighthouse team carefully installs and removes your lighting with care, but we also manage your products by storing them off-site in our warehouse to save you garage space and we even check your lights as we remove them and note any damage that needs to be repaired so they are neatly packed away and ready to go for next seasons lighting display.  Don't spend your evenings and weekends unraveling the rats nest of lights sitting in your basement.  Make this season easy, and hassle free.
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