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Lighthouse of Indianapolis


Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting of Indianapolis offers its central Indiana clients one of a kind landscape lighting and outdoor              architectural lighting designs.  From lighting the beautiful details of your home to give it a warm elegance, to             designing illuminated effects around the back yard and patio spaces so that they are more inviding and usable in the dark             hours of the night,  Lighthouse creates innovative and unique lighting solutions to bring some magic to your nights.

Lighthouse outdoor lighting does it like no one else.  They have turned the dramatic interplay of light and shadow into an absolute artform that is put on display every night on the homes and properties of their sophisticated clients.  It is this very passion, craftsmanship and creativity that have made Lighthouse the #1 name in lighting in Hamilton County, Marion county and all of central Indiana.

Please take a few minutes to look through this site.  You will soon discover that Lighthouse approaches lighting on a completely different level and with a differing methodology than others in the region.  Where others simply sell and install light fixtures, Lighthouse designs and creates breathtaking lighitng scenes that enhance the visual appeal and bring magic to their nights.  This is why their discriminating clients are happy to pay a little more for their superior lighting designs and effects, so they can have a piece of that magic at their own home too.



Lighting Installation
Lighting Design
Service / Maintenance

We are a design forward company that believes the success or failure of any lighitng project lies fully upon a thoughtful and well conceived lighting design, that takes into account our clients' priorities and needs as well as budget.  We are exceedingly passionate about the artistic nature of this craft and strive with every project to create a one of a kind, dynamic work of art that is on display every night.

After the lighting design, the thoughtful execution of the installation is performed to bring that design to life. Our certified installation technicians are experts at translating the design concept into the completed finished project.  You can rest assured in knowing that our technicians have installed your system to last for many many years.  Our installation techniques and methods exceed the national standards.

We offer and highly recommend, ongoing after-care of your outdoor lighting system to keep it operating and looking as good as it did the first night. Minor cleaning and tune-ups are all that are needed to keep things functioning well.  Ocassionally, a wire may get cut or a fixture may need to be moved to adjust to changes in your landscape.  Our service team can all of this wtih ease.




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We are Indiana's Outdoor Lighting Authority

...And we are happy to let everyone know it too.  

Our clients are busy professionals that expect and demand a very high standard of excellence in their business and personal life.

They also have these same demands of those they retain to beautify and maintain their homes and property.

Lighthouse has been serving the landscape lighting needs and exceeding the expectations of our sophisticated clients for years.  

There are many "mom & pop" companies that will sell you landscape lighting fixtures in the Indianapolis, Carmel, Zionsville, 

Fishers (Central Indiana) area.  They are plentiful and they usually have a bargain basement price.  What they lack however,

is the skill and expertise to use these tools to create visually stunning outdoor lighting scenes that are balanced, layered 

and interesting.  In other words, anyone can buy a paint brush, but it is the artist and not the brush that creates the work of art.

Lighthouse is not the least expensive company you could hire for your outdoor lighting needs, but our discriminating clients

appreciate our expertise enjoy the experience.  When it absolutely must be done right and ordinary will not do, give us a call-

You absoluty will not be dissapointed that you did- We guarantee it

But don't take our word for it!

Visit our HOUZZ page. Read what our customers

are saying about us and discover why they

consistently give us 5 star reviews

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